Friday, January 30, 2009


Pretty woman, her
cups runneth over and my
eyes pop from my head.

Tonight was a night of firsts. Morgan and I started by heading south to Jamie's Best Buy for a new hard drive. Not a first, but we tried not to distract him and thought we were slick until he called us later and accused us of being sneaky. Then headed out to Morgan's friend's house using simple GPS coordinates - a first for the two of us. He got to see some old friends for the first time in about a year. Headed down to Sam's in Smokey Point, who we hadn't seen in almost two years! Spent hours chatting, then headed down to my old work to check out the new place. I got to see my favorite ex-coworker and catch up with him. I've avoided that store for near three years. Boy does it look great! You can take the girl out of the sex-shop but you can't take the...well you know what I mean.

'Ere's another photo for good measure:


Augustus said...

DAMN IT! How did Kate Moss get out of her cage again?!