Saturday, February 14, 2009


Valentine's Day

Morgan and I spent the weekend at his folks house while they were in Las Vegas. We started the day early by taking Gus down to Sea-Tac so he could go to California and spend time with his love. Morgan said we could do anything I wanted to do today, and since flying to Greece didn't sound like a reasonable option (to him), I opted for finding sweet manna from heaven in the form of Hawaiian food from L&L in Lynnwood. Went out to dinner at Jimmy's Italian in Stanwood, and spent the rest of our free time playing video games and relaxing. A Valentine's day very well spent! :)

Here are a few more for good measure:

Ready to get some... air miles!

Gift from the gods, and a childhood favorite - spam musubi. Morgan loves it!

Last but not least, the inside of the interactive card Morgan made me. Yes... I am aware.
I guess it's great that he is doing something with those creative drawing skills!


sara said...

haha thats funny

Augustus said...

Somewhere on that train Vincent Price is eating an orange...

Claudia said...

Did my favorite cousin make that for you? :-) Too cute!