Thursday, March 12, 2009


(All images link to full-size!)

I'd rather see the world through tone mapped images.

I decided that I have waited long enough to try my hand at HDR imaging so (with a little influence from a certain Ninja-loving photographer) I gave it a shot.

Since I still do not own my own tripod, subject matter can be a bit limited when outdoors. I propped my camera up on a picnic table across from this brightly colored jungle-gym by my house that I have been eying for this purpose. I took my photos, spun the camera to face the opposite direction, and took a few more shots of some buildings before my battery died. This jungle-gym is not the best subject to show off how neat hdr imaging is, but it will just have to work for now.

By the time I was done outside, Photomatix Pro 3 was done downloading and I was ready to go! Here are the three source images I used for today's photo:

EV +2

EV 0

EV -1
(EV -2 was a bit blurry)

And here is what is on the other side of the park:

EV +2

EV +1

EV 0

After tone mapping

All in all, an extremely fun project from start to finish.
And tomorrow I get my tripod!! On to bigger, better and brighter images. :D


nobu said...

It's a interesting techinique.
You can make an image as you see.
Thans for info.