Sunday, June 14, 2009


I woke up at 10am. I love it here! lol

No one was up before 9am. My mom must have been tired - she couldn't even remember the last time she slept in past 7am. Good for her!

When I got up I was duped into babysitting the six children for a few hours while my mom, aunts and grandma when to help a family member move out of her apartment. That was an interesting experience for me. It wasn't too bad for they were all preoccupied with the Wii and their various handheld video gaming systems. Spoiled rotten, they are. Found out that my six year-old brother is playing the Mario game that I played when I was in middle school, so I spent the last hour trying to trick him into putting the Nintendo DS down long enough for me to grab it and run. lol, rotten.

Left Portland around 5pm, stopped for dinner, and made it home at 9pm.
I still have another hour of driving before I am home in beautiful Bellingham.