Saturday, June 20, 2009


Things I could do with my summer...

Build a fort for my little siblings
Float the Stilly river
Write one song a week
Visit Canada
Move to a new apartment
Go swimming
Bike part of the Centennial Trail
Take my little siblings to the beach
Watch [REC]
Have a horror movie night
Go cliff diving at Whatcom Falls
Go camping
Play in the fountain at Seattle Center
Spend a week at Birch Bay
Sell my jewelry creations
Watch movie at drive-in in truck-bed
Create my solar system
Ride a roller coaster
Hike to/camp at Monte Cristo ghost town
Read five new books
Go to Pyuallup Fair
Spend a day at the zoo with my family
Go to Bite of Seattle
Go to Bite of Bellingham
Get a lovely tan
Save 75% of each paycheck

Let the games begin!