Sunday, August 9, 2009


Lame photo today.

On the 1st, Morgan and I signed a lease for this great apartment downtown.

It's on the third floor, has secured entry and the other 16 units are rented by people who are mostly private, kind and pretty trustworthy. No more midnight knocks on the door from college kids frying on shrooms! And no more empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans scattered around my front door! The only difficult thing about getting into this place is that it is not available until September 1st - our lease is up on August 31st.

Morgan and I have slowly been packing our belongings, and made a trip this afternoon to store the first group of boxes about twenty minutes away at his parents cabin at Birch Bay. We'll continue to do that until the end of the month, and when it comes down to it we'll end up living at our current residence with nothing but cleaning gear, a suitcase and a mattress for a day or two. After the new apartment opens up, we'll start hauling our goods from Birch Bay back into Bellingham. Is it worth going through all this crap? I think so - this new place is awesome!