Saturday, August 22, 2009


What a day!

Rewind to last night, approx. 8:30 pm

Morgan had trouble turning the steering wheel on the 1977 Ford F250. Checked the amount of power steering fluid - out. Stopped by Schucks, refilled, all is good.

Fast forward to this morning, approx. 10:30am

Morgan and I left the house for the two-hour drive to Federal Way for a distant family reunion of his. Made it south by barely two exits on I-5 when thick white smoke started billowing out of the hood. Shit. Pulled over on the shoulder - looks like a power steering fluid leak, and now it is burning along the hot metals under the hood. Awesome. Started walking North to find a mile-post for our exact location when a kind stranger pulled over to give us a hand. We hauled ass back down the stretch of freeway to meet up with him (as we did not know right away he that he'd be a kind stranger and our wallets were in the car). Found out where the heck we were and were able to call for a tow.

Took about an hour for the tow-truck guy to get there. I was pissed at first but Morgan's laid back attitude fixed that. I'm thankful for him most of the time. Put the tailgate down to sit and watch the traffic fly by at 70 mph - not one of his brightest ideas but it was a neat experience. Relaxed for a bit in the cab and explored the plants and road-side litter. lol, it's amazing what accumulates along the freeway.

Our driver was rad! I imagined he'd look more like a lumberjack but he was pretty clean cut and didn't smell bad (again, like I imagined). The ride was pleasant. I asked a million questions about his job and he happily answered and conversed with us. I found out that tow-truck companies are fully responsible for the cleanup after fatal car wrecks. Fully responsible. Yeck! lol He towed us to Morgan's aunt's place about 20 minutes away, and Jamie (thankfully) met us there and drove us further to Morgan's parent's where his car stayed while we borrowed the truck. What time is it now? Oh yes, it is around 2pm. The family reunion is in full swing now with 3 hours left.

We hit the road and got there with ample time. These distant relatives of his were hilarious and very nice. We were served with food within five minutes. Great hospitality! The reunion ran about two hours later than expected. Left around 7pm and made it home after 9pm. What a day. I hope we can get that truck back! :)