Saturday, September 5, 2009


Rewind to last night, 11pm.
My mom calls. She had been stranded at the Tulalip Resort Casino by a family friend. She had gone out (drinking) with her coworkers, stayed late with the family friend, and couldn't find or reach her to tell her she was ready to co. My mom called when she thought she was stranded and as Sara and I were planning on hanging out, I asked if she'd like to go find my mom. We got there and did not leave until after 1pm. All in all, my mom was having such a great time that she kept dancing and sipping beers while we "chaperoned." Got back, and my mom finally went to bed around 2:30am.

Fast forward to this morning, approximately 7:30am.
My mom wakes me up to get ready to drive to Portland. You suck mom. Get up and leave the house at 9am.

Check the oil.

Grab snacks for the trip.

Make it to Portland at 2pm. We missed our family (and our copy of Ratatouille - hmmph, I left it in Portland during our visit in July). Boy are we tired! Ready for a three day weekend in a house with six kids under 8, my grandmother, aunt and mother.