Saturday, September 12, 2009


We have a new couch! And a pantry! Photo later, today has been sooo busy. Morgan and I started as soon as we woke up, had a quick late breakfast, and kept going. My cell phone has a step counter, and according to this thing it says we took over 11,000 steps this day. Awesome!

Today's photo is of the biggest hand made and hand carved bird cage I have ever seen. Scratch that, this is a Pterodactyl cage. This thing was priced at Ten Thousand - woah! It also looks like it has never been used. What would you put in something like this if you were not using it for birds? You can somewhat guess at how big it is by the bits of chair in the shot. You could easily fit three of The Rock in this thing.


book_love said...

GORGEOUS! I've got a thing for bird cages but this is so beautiful and intricate. Where did you take this one?

sara said...

can we live in there lol