Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today my family and I (along with Sara) went to Chuck E. Cheese's for Andrew's sixth birthday. I hope that spelling is right...

Sara was kind enough to help me on a last-minute gift hunt for Andrew. He ended up with lots of neat stuff. I love spoiling these children! Maybe that urge out of me now, I won't need to in ten years. :P

It was fun! Sara and I got quite a workout in running around after the little people. I haven't been to one of those places since I was six or seven. With everyone playing games, we ended up with seven hundred and fifteen tickets! Thought that was impressive until the little snot in the booth next to us yelled that she got ninety tickets in one game. Little SNOT.

After that, Sara and I went south to grab a few things so she could crash at my place. Came back up to Bellingham and made it just in time for people to start mobbing around downtown. Went bar hopping and came home quite sloshed. We ended up having our neighbors over and before we knew it we were all sloshed together! I love how liquor makes everyone the best of friends. :)

All in all, a memorable day.