Sunday, May 24, 2009


Slept well and woke up when Morgan left for work. Got ready for the day at an enjoyably slow pace and went downtown to listen to Allison play. Heard another local artist named Jasmine Riley who is wonderful live. Was home and packed for the night when Morgan came home. Stu and Gus met us shortly after and we carpooled up to Birch Bay. A trip to the grocery store left us poor and hungry. The clerk loaded the receipt paper backwards, which explains the blank strip. Morgan told her to write down the total and call it good. Came back to the cabin and the boys cleaned up the yard for Morgan's parents (Gus and I stood around for a bit and then somewhat helped). So nice! Stu grilled steak and burgers. We retired around the fire with s'mores stuffs and told stories and made jokes. Went inside as it started getting cold and watched Underworld. Made it all but fifteen minutes through and called it quits. I slept damn good.

Such nice boys.

"Fire means flavor!"