Monday, May 25, 2009


Happy Memorial Day!

The funniest thing about staying at Birch Bay is that the walls do not reach the ceiling. We are all adults and do not need to be told to behave ourselves, but it was the creaking of the couch or bed whenever it's occupant rolled over in his sleep that woke me. It's actually kind of nice - like camping almost. :)

I woke a few times and slept until near noon. Morgan was finishing up a shower while Stu and Gus were hanging outside. Quickly got ready and we all walked down the the C Shop for ice cream. Walked damn near to the far end of Birch Bay to get more charcoal. Came back tired and still too full from last night for even a late lunch. We gave up and packed to go home. Great company for a beautiful weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!