Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I passed out last night around 10. I was beat. Slept in this morning until 7:50. Nearly ten hours of sleep and I still moved slowly through my apartment to get ready.

Work went by quick.

Tonight Morgan is staying at his parent's. I had forgotten, until I was finished with my errands after work and gave him a call. Sleeping alone can sometimes be awkward, but then I also get annoyed when I don't have enough room in my bed to stretch out my limbs. Oh my, can't live with him or without him.
Tonight I will go to bed with Chewbacca*.

*see May 4th post please.


nobu said...

Lovely photo.

By the way, Her name is Peko-chan.
You can see her(doll) from the link below.
Peko-chan in Ginza( My blog "something interesting from Japan )