Friday, July 3, 2009


My first attempt at photographing steam.

Should have taken a picture of the setup, which was rather silly.
I had:
-a 24bottle box (empty) of Fat Tire beer propped up with a leather boot on top as support for a black 12x12 inch piece of cardstock for the background.
- between 10 and twelve DVD cases stacked up in front of the beer box, with a round metal tin on top of those. The tin is about a foot long, and above that stood the green smiley-faced coffee mug I got from Starbucks a few years ago.
-off to the side, a rolled up sleeping back propped up to rest my hand on as I held my flashlight behind the mug for "appropriate" backlighting.
-a kettle of just-boiled water (which took me a few trips)

All in all, I think this took me about half an hour to complete.
This shot wasn't what I had in mind, but I was getting tired. I'll try again some time!


kristen nicole said...

you own a flash? i want to see what kind of camera/flash you use! lol :) i really like this pic, i've tried capturing steam coming off my food but it never works haha