Friday, July 10, 2009


I must have over a hundred photos of this boat from multiple trips to Birch Bay, but this is my first photo of it on land :)

We bought a tide-guide the other day to check for negative tides during our stay in Birch Bay.

Morgan had us wake up at 8:00am to be out to the bay by 9. From the cabin, the shore is literally a stone's throw away so I pushed it back to 8:30 by refusing to get out of bed. Made waffles and headed out. The little book said -.07 at 9:30am. WRONG. We walked the thin sliver of shore along the public section of beach, but gave up after half an hour. This tide-guide is lame. Back to badminton.

Played around, had lunch, checked the tide after noon. Perfect! Tomorrow we shall try this again. :)

Here is a chiton Morgan found!