Saturday, July 11, 2009


This guy was hanging out, enjoying the ocean view.

Best day ever!

Woke up to a clear sky and more sunshine than I could have asked for. Bought a rainbow parrot kite! Headed out to the Bay, where the tide level was low enough to go wading through to find marine life. We spent a few hours moving further out to the last (and barely visible) sandbar. I get a little freaked out by the ocean floor if I can't see it, but I got over it quickly enough when I saw how fast the crab's run away from you once you are in their space. I got this, no problem.

Slowly made our way back, had lunch, and went back out to the sandbars with my parrot kite (with "realistic flapping motion"). It caught the wind, and floated up to the length of the string. Explored for more sea life.

At the end of the day we I was tan and freckley, Morgan was slightly sunburned. Barbecue dinner, then s'mores for dessert.

____ + ____

This is the life, by the sea.