Sunday, July 12, 2009


Mariners vs. Rangers today!

Morgan's parents had four tickets to the game but were unable to go, so they offered them to us. Sweet!. The phrase, "free baseball tickets," is music to my ears.
I love baseball games, everything about them - the crack of the bat against the ball, watching the way the athletes move, the flat beer, cold hot dogs, and in this city, watching the retractable roof enclose the stadium when it starts to rain. I don't care much about what happens during the season, but I thoroughly enjoy each game that I am able to go to.

Had some trouble finding people to take the two extra tickets. That was a first. Went with Gus, and had a free ticket. I suggested scalping it but any bad experience would probably go back to the purchaser, Morgan's dad - I'd feel horrible about that! After the game, had a drink at this bar which kept on hand more booze than I have ever seen in any liquor store. The drink sucked, and they were out of the one thing I wanted on the menu.

Walked around Pioneer Square and explored this amazing bookstore. I can see how someone could spend hours in there - there are tens of thousands of books, the entire establishment is made up of wood floors/bookshelves/staircases, and it is built like a labyrinth. Stairs and lofts and tall wooden bookshelves were everywhere, and I got lost. I had skimmed through a few sections and promised to make a trip back here just for this. Settled in the cookbook section as I waited for Morgan and Gus to find me.

Gus crashed as soon as we got on the road, and I followed shortly afterward. Car naps are wonderful. I got pretty nauseous by the end of the night - garlic fries and beer don't go together, which I was told after the game. Thanks. Was the taste worth it? I think maybe. Morgan and I hit up a Denny's, but I couldn't finish my meal. Damn you garlic fries!

Crawling into my own bed for the first time in days was...kind of sad. Missing Birch Bay already, but there will be another time for that. All in all, a great day.