Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Down is Up


My boss has asked each of us to compose a list of 100 personal goals for 2010 - things to have the experience of doing and being by the end of the year. We started with ten, and the other 90 are to be completed during the next week or so. Seems like a project we might have started in January, but better now than never. He asked that we get really specific - if you don't create it, who knows what it will be? Here are my first ten:

10 Personal Goals for 2010

To have...
Traveled to Yellowstone National Park, Austin, Las Vegas and San Diego.
Written twelve songs and become a confidant performer.
Taken professional quality photographs of wild animals; a wedding; and a natural phenomenon.
Walked the 2.5 miles between home and work six times a week.
Gone camping on three separate occasions – once with my family and twice with my close friends.
Spent at least three days each with Stephanie, Liz and Kristen.
Paid off my debt, chopped up the cards and closed out the accounts.
Bought a car in perfect working condition with low miles and for an effortlessly affordable price.
Gone hiking, rock climbing, biking and kayaking.
Shared with thousands of people the awareness that one is the author of his or her own experience.